Uninsured Services

Below are our current charges for uninsured services. OHIP covers all necessary medical services, but does not pay for all the services that you may request from a physician (for example, a sick note). Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions, and please notify Dr. Purdy if paying these fees poses any financial difficulties. 

RAMQ (Quebec) patients are required to pay for all medical services but then should apply to RAMQ for reimbursement.

We accept debit and credit.

Service (covered by OHIP)                                 Fees

Intermediate Assessment                                    $74.85

General Assessment                                            $171.40

General Re-Assessment                                       $85.15

Individual Counselling (initial visit)                      $139.35

Individual Counselling (add. visits)                      $84.70

Group Counselling (initial visit)                            $139.35

Group Counselling (add. visits)                            $86.15

Service (not covered by OHIP)

Sick/ Back to work note                                        $20.00

Missed appointment* (without 24 hours’ notice)  $50.00

*We recognize that life happens, missed appointment charge will normally NOT be applied unless there appears to be a lack of mutual respect and appreciation for Dr. Purdy's time. If a person misses two appointments consecutively, then we may ask that they wait a period of three months prior to booking another appointment, so that they may get themselves better organized.